Enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience on our LodgeBoats

Our concept is a simple one. It consists of offering you the pleasure of being on the water without constraints while enjoying the comforts of home and à la carte services to let go in complete serenity. Until now, the pleasure of being soothed by the Mediterranean chop in a marina was reserved for boat owners or people with a little sailing experience. With LodgeBoats, there’s no need to master the rules of navigation or to have boating experience.

The art of livinglike on a Boat

The pleasure of being on the water is no longer reserved exclusively for sailors.

With a very high stability thanks to the breakwater pontoon that protects it, the LodgeBoat, this floating accommodation, is moored to the pontoon and is also weighted at the 4 corners, so you can enjoy the sensation of being on a boat in complete safety and with complete peace of mind.

Whether it’s for a night, a week or more, it has all the comforts you need for your stay.

Equipped as an apartment, it’s a room (or 2 in the Family model) with bathroom and toilet. A seating area with a fully-equipped kitchen (Ceramic hob, Fridge, Oven, Coffee maker, Kettle, Dishes…) round off the services.

And if you’re wondering where to park your vehicle, each LodgeBoat has its own parking space.

Located in the back harbour and in the heart of Gruissan, all amenities are within a 10-minute walk.



Leave in complete serenity

Alliance Plaisance goes to great lengths to ensure you have a peaceful holiday. We offer you adapted pricing offers and a strengthened health protocol.

  • 2 price offers to choose from when booking:

The NANR Rate Offer: Non-Cancellable Non-Refundable Non-Modifiable

The FLEX Rate Offer: Modifiable up to 3 times without charge until the day before,            Free cancellation up to 30 days before (details of the conditions in our GTCs).

Here are the details of the modification conditions with the FLEX offer: In the case of a modification desired by the Guest who has chosen a FLEX rate, the Guest can request the modification of his/her reservation a maximum of 3 times during the season until one day before arrival. No postponement will be accepted for the following season. If the guest wishes to change his/her dates of stay on the day of arrival, a lump sum of modification fees amounting to €50 (fifty euros) will be retained.

Here are the details of the cancellation policy with the FLEX offer: Should a Guest who has chosen a FLEX rate wish to cancel, Alliance Plaisance will refund the sums paid by the guest, after deducting the amounts charged as cancellation penalties in accordance with the following scale:

  • More than 30 days before the start date of the stay, nothing will be charged
  • Between 29 and 22 days before the start date of the stay, 10% of the total amount of the accommodation will be charged.
  • Between 21 and 4 days before the start date of the stay, 25% of the total amount of the accommodation will be charged.
  • Between 3 days and 1 day before the start date of the stay, 50% of the total amount of the accommodation will be charged.
  • On the day of arrival, 75% of the total amount of the accommodation will be charged.

All the comfort with respect for the environment.

We hope that during your stay on board, you will experience the pleasure we have in offering you this new form of floating leisure accommodation and that you will share our passion for LodgeBoats and this exceptional environment that each and every one of us must respect. Thank you for your contribution.

  • Commit to zero discharge at sea: the supply of water and electricity is via the connection to the pontoon and the evacuation of “black water” is ensured by a vacuum suction system from the storage tank located under the hull. This process ensures that there is no discharge into the sea.
  • Preserve and enhance marine life: Under the LodgeBoat, we have also installed “Biohuts” developed by our partner Ecocéan. These spaces allow the fry to come and reproduce while being protected from the predators of the port. Through this action, we play our part in repopulating the marine fauna.
  • Respect for the environment of the port: We also go to great lengths to use cleaning products and offer you welcome products that comply with the “Ecocert” standard.

They had the Grand Large Experience, now they’re letting us know all about it…

They have lived the Grand Large Experience , they tell us...

Our guests are in the best position to talk about their Grand Large Experience, and we thank them every day for that.

Here are some testimonials from our faithful guests so you can get immersed in this experience and start planning your stay.

“We’ll be back. Family weekend with the dog. Top welcome on arrival. Super clean, big, functional bungalow. Convenient for parking. Stunning views and a hearty breakfast. Without so much as a second thought. This is a great starting point to visit the Gruissan area on foot and by car for the wine estates and Cathar castles“.  Laurent – august 2021
“You dreamed it, they did it! It lived up to all our expectations; a comfortable lodge floating on the water well moored at the port with stunning view and boats passing right before you. No need to go to the restaurant all the time because you can cook yourself there, the terrace is beautiful and the lodge is air-conditioned. Very pleasant crew on the pontoon and always available to meet all your needs. It’s really one of the best experiences I’ve had in a long time, and I can tell you that I’be been to lots of place…What’s more, we were able to dock the boat we rented in front of our LodgeBoat; what more could we ask for but to come back!“.  Anonyme – july 2021
“The serenity and pleasure of a holiday on a dockside boat, with all the comforts of a real home. Access to shops is just 10 minutes away on foot or by bike“.  Guillaume – july 2021
“Completely seduced by this new LodgeBoat concept, an unforgettable and such a relaxing stay; we’ll definitely be back! ”Arnaud NanoxArnaud “Nanox” – may 2021
“Simply amazing”! Total change of scenery; thank you for this great experience that we’ll book again ASAPMélodie – may 2021


The history of Les Îlots de Gruissan

FIRST IN FRANCE, in the history of tourism and marinas, this offer of atypical floating leisure accommodation, called LodgeBoats, was completed on 2 June 2021!

The realization in 6 months of this somewhat “crazy” project was made possible by the common will of all public (State, Region, City & Port of Gruissan) and private (AlliancePlaisance) actors to be part of a bold and pragmatic partnership to revitalise the economy of the marina and the local region.

To allow you to enjoy this exceptional environment today, first of all we had to build the chop-breaking pontoon that protects the LodgesBoats against the turbulence of the water and guarantees safe mooring. This pontoon, based on the same technical model as the infrastructure used during the 1944 landings, is 340 metres long, 5 metres wide and 2.5 metres high. This infrastructure was built in 6 months under the direction of the Port of Gruissan staff.

The LodgeBoat you’ll stay on is approved as a Category D vessel, authorised to navigate in protected waters. For safety reasons, it’s powerless during the hire period. It was built under the direction of the AlliancePlaisance teams, with the Metalu shipyard and the chalet manufacturer Chalets Fabre.

For each LodgeBoat, a platform on land needs to be built, to which floats are added to guarantee its stability. On this platform, the teams assemble and equip each lodge, which takes around 1 week to build. Once it’s built on land, its 12 tonnes have to be lifted into the water and moored in place. This precision work was carried out in close collaboration between the AlliancePlaisance and Metalu teams, who saw to the launching of the structure, while the port teams moved and moored the LodgeBoat in utmost safety.

Once moored, the LodgeBoat is connected to the water and electricity supply networks, as well as to the wastewater drainage system, concealed in the chop-breaking pontoon.

Like all projects, Les Îlots de Gruissan are a wonderful nautical, technical and human adventure, driven by the enthusiasm and passion of all those involved, without whom nothing could have been achieved.

We hope that on board you’ll experience a little of the passion we want to share with you.

Experience the “open sea” at Les Îlots de Gruissan!