Gruissan between sports and nature

Land or Sea ? Choose your activities waterfront or stay dry sheltered from the sea spray.


Nautical and Nature Activities in Gruissan

By the Sea. Kite or No Kite?

Set sail for “la flaque,” heading to Vielle Nouvelle. The water is shallow, ideal for learning. Workshops are the best way to benefit from expert advice. The first steps are hesitant, the arms a bit weak, no stress, progress is being made! Without even realizing a single jump, you’ll have the sensation of flying.

Paddleboarding Dominates the Grazel Pond

For sports enthusiasts and fans of gliding sensations, you’ll be captivated by this original practice: stand-up paddleboarding on the pond! Embrace the “zen attitude” as you paddle peacefully on your board.

The World of Silence is for Everyone. It’s Dive Baptism Day !

Instructors have everything planned for you to have an unforgettable and safe experience. Dive into the Gruissan underwater world, up to 6m deep. Comfortable in your element, you might make unexpected encounters?

Try Padel, the Occitan Racquet Sport !

Less intense than squash and more dynamic than tennis, Padel has the advantage of being played in doubles, so you can get started with your group of friends. You don’t need to be Roger FEDERER to get into it; the racket without strings is small and easy to handle. And if you don’t particularly feel like sweating, mini-golf is right next door.

Thrills on the Zigzagging Zipline.

You’re sitting facing the void; the ponds and the Corbières make you look a little pale! And go! One intense minute of turns, spins, and shakes over 240 meters of descent. You scream like on the rides of your childhood and are received a bit wobbly (but happy) by a staff member, your head full of breathtaking views! (from 8 years old)

On Horseback

Pampering your horse before the ride is a privileged moment. In exchange for these good cares, the horse becomes your faithful companion on the road who knows the most beautiful trails. From your pedestal, take time to observe this wild territory into which you have discreetly slipped.

Discover All-Terrain Electric Scooting.

Handling the “bolide” is very instinctive, and the initial apprehensions are quickly forgotten. Equipped with a backpack containing the battery, no worries, it only weighs 3.5 kg. Off you go on a loop concocted by your guide: you weave between evergreen oaks, flirt with lagoons, traverse some rocky paths, pure bliss in total respect for Gruissan’s nature.

Gruissan Outdoor on a Bike !

The youngest will want to play pirates, and you can take them to extend the experience at Pirat’Parc, where all generations will find sensations corresponding to their age! Hiking on foot or mountain biking, 6 walking circuits and 6 mountain biking circuits crisscross Gruissan, especially in the heart of the Clape massif, your essential nature stop !

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